Competition Rules



The Society organises three kinds of competition during the season: championship, set subject and special.  The closing dates for entries and the dates of the competitions are shown in the syllabus and on the WHAT'S ON page of this site.



The Championship Competitions


There are four championship competition evenings each season with separate print and projected digital image (PDI) competitions on these evenings.  There are no set subjects so members are free to choose any subject at will.  Marks awarded are totalled over all four heats in order to decide the winners of the Annual Championship Awards for prints and PDI.



Set Subject Competitions


There are six set subject competitions as follows:


  • Monochrome (PDI only)
  • Portrait (PDI only)
  • Landscape (PDI only)
  • Documentary (print only)
  • Natural History (print only)
  • Chosen Subject (print only)
  • Creative (print only)


Points awarded in these competitions are totalled across the year and the member who achieves the highest total wins the 'Best All-Round Photographer' award.



Special Competitions


There are two special competitions:


  • Theme Panel (print only)
  • Audio Visual


These competitions do not count towards any annual award.



Non Conformity


Images submitted to a competition that appear not to confirm the the rules will not be accepted into that competition.



Classification Sub-Committee


Cliff Martin ARPS, DPAGB

David Wareing ARPS

Arthur Williams CPAGB